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Pro-Active Training in Optimal & Peak Performance

Optimal Performance is about creating and sustaining high levels of performance over a length of time - seasons, careers and a lifetime.

Peak Performance is about gearing up to perform at your absolute best at a particular point in time.

At Lifesparq, we coach you in the most advanced techniques for both optimal and peak performance.  Helping you learn how to build, maintain, sustain and perform your best when you want it most.  

By focusing on the interactions between the mental, physical, active & passive recovery, nutrition and enhancing basic human needs...we can show you how to enhance your results to epic proportions.


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Who Benefits from Lifesparq Training?



Sports Teams


Small Business Owners

Action & Adventure Enthusiasts

Artists & Performers

Military & Service Professionals

And the list goes on...

How We Train You

To Unlock Your Full Potential

Our training is highly personalized to you,

focused on your goals, your purpose and your personality.

Utilizing the latest scientific knowledge in human high-performance,

we coach you to create a high-performance routine,

enabling you to reach your goals faster.

Raise Your Game!

Purpose Strategizing

Training Plan

Course Adjustments

Target Creation

Weekly Coaching

Goal Acquisition

"I've been working with Eric for two-years. Not only have I swam my age-group best times, but life-time best times...and even broke a World Record!"

Eve M. (Masters Swimmer - Age 43)


Coaching Program

Our Coaching program matches you to your own personal High Performance  Coach, who will train you to achieve higher caliber goals than you've ever achieved before.

We ask that if you want to work with us, you be committed to completing the full program, enabling you to make meaningful change.

Our program lasts 6-months...but most of our clients work with us for years!

Here's what we'll do for you:

  • Weekly & Daily High Performance Training program customized to you

  • One (1) to Two (2) Weekly phone, Video Chat or in person coaching session - approx. 30 min. - 1 hour.

  • Routine Management System

  • Daily, Weekly & Monthly feedback to assess progress.

  • Lifetime access to online resources for additional training.

  • Access to the Lifesparq Mighty Network

  • Pricing is based on field of interest, resources utilized and length of personalized program.  Programs start at $375/mo.

Before we begin to work together, we must assess your situation to make sure we're the right fit for each other. 


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Must be 18 yrs. of age to schedule a call. If under 18 yrs. of age, parent must be present for assessment.

"Lifesparq has done miracles in helping my kids to develop skills to combat the daily stresses of athletics, academics and life."

Bonnie A. (Happy mom)


To provide affordable access to education, training and resources to individuals and teams all over the world; to the self-betterment of individuals; and to the continual growth of human high performance.

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