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Eric Stefanski

Eric Stefanski, M.S. 

Owner & Founder of Lifesparq & Elevation Athletics

Mental High Performance Coach & Consultant

USA Swimming Coach - Level 5

22 Years Professional Coach


I have a passion for helping people unlock their true personal potential in sport, business and life, and have spent the last 22 years doing just that.  


My philosophy, is that for anyone to reach their true potential, they've got to understand how their mind directs their physical habits; and to improve those habits (and ultimately earn better results) they need to learn to upgrade the quality with which they think. 

I strongly believe people run into more problems because they don't pro-actively train their mind alongside their physical skills.  They fall into the false belief that they'll build their mental skills by working harder, rather than understanding how it really works.  


Using this philosophy, I have helped produce multiple U.S. National Team athletes, two Olympians, over 50 NCAA Div. I All-Americans, a NCAA Div. I recorder holder (and Champion), multiple ACC Conference Champions and record holders;

I've started two successful business in Lifesparq and Elevation Athletics (a youth swim club in Colorado), have helped dozens of professionals start and build a better business, and dozens of individuals fighting to build their lives into the picture they see themselves to be.  

I have a bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh, a master's degree in Kinesiology, with a specialization in Sport Psychology from Georgia Southern University and spent 13 years coaching NCAA athletes at the University of Rochester, University of Pittsburgh, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill and Georgia Tech, all in the sport of competitive swimming.  I've been a business owner for over five years, continually teach both in person and online and work as an inventor.

When I'm not working with athletes or inventing new programs to help people, you can find me reading, hiking in the Rocky Mountains, traveling the world, skiing and out on my road bike.

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