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"As coaches, we simply don't have the time to be experts in everything.  Having Eric come in and speak to us so often, helps me focus energy on what I'm good at and we get a high impact, high energy professional helping our athletes raise their game from a different perspective." - Mike Novell

Eric's passion for helping people shines through as he speaks.  Whether it's individuals, groups, youth teams or corporate events, Eric has the ability to capture the energy of the room and get you excited about where you are and where you're capable of going.  The way he talks about complicated issues, making them easy to understand and then helping you create an action plan to use them, makes him one of the most sought after speakers in his field.  Whether you're looking to be inspired or discover how to get up and get moving, Eric brings a fresh perspective to help you on your way!

Eric specializes in speaking about:

  • Being Pro-active in Building Accountabilty

  • Flow State Training 

  • Team Culture from the Bottom Up

  • Self-Mastery

  • The Mind of the Athlete

  • Integrating Mental Training Into Team Training

  • Raising Your Game from the Inside Out

  • High Quality Team Communication

  • Reinventing Goal Setting for Mastery

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